Whilst overseas in November, I attended a 2 day business summit in London, with various speakers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Most of the content was about monetizing your business online, use of media and cloud applications, self-motivation, goal setting and action planning. One of the biggest take – aways for me was about goal setting and time management.

Every day of the week I talk to my clients about the importance of these very things, but when I really took the time to check in on myself, (a holiday is great for that!) I realised that, I needed to get clear on my goals for 2019 with time frames and actions attached to them.

I recently read “Your Best Year Ever” by author and speaker Michael Hyatt. He states that “Goals poorly formulated are goals easily forgotten.” He introduces the concept of SMARTER goals planning, as an addition to the original SMART system. 

You can access a simple template of the Weekly Schedule Planner OR the 90 Day Goals Planner I have developed to help me get more in control of my time and choices.

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute call, to chat about how a Business Planning Audit can help you identify where you are now and where you want to be.

Specific Focus is power

Measurable  Built in criteria

Actionable How you are going to do it?

Risky Risk drives results

Time-Keyed Deadline, frequency, time trigger

Exciting Inspire you, motivate you

Relevant Alignment with your life, gut feel/check

Last year I knew I had to start working smarter, not harder, get my time and choices management in check, as I was close to burnout and had been taken out sick a number of times during the year. So I set out to make a weekly planner and have started scheduling in time in my calendar to spend time on my own self care, family time, work ON my business create social media, workshop content and refining the procedures and systems I use with clients. This has helped no end, as I am now more accountable to myself with the way I spend my time and make my choices.

Top Tips on Goal Setting!

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