Systematisation and creating procedures and checklists in your business is not the sexiest of topics. Most small business clients I work with have an extreme LACK of this very thing that actually helps them grow and get more efficient.

One such client who is in the trade industry and employs 4 staff, came to me for help a few months ago with “Ongoing staff issues”. After asking the right questions and getting to the heart of the matter, I found there was no formal written procedures or guidelines for staff and no structure around their workdays. He was also micro managing them and not enforcing accountability on certain tasks they were carrying out.

Once he started to be the “BOSS” and not just a mate who gave them a job, started to have staff meetings and gave them more responsibility with a structured roster for working days/hours, he saw a great improvement in their attitude, productivity and efficiency.

If you want to elevate yourself above the “day to day” in your business and become the CEO – Systemization through creating procedures and processes will go a long way in helping you get there!

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