Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking

They say that something like 99% of people fear public speaking more than death. Good old Jerry Seinfeld once said: “Some of us would rather be in the coffin, than up in front of the audience delivering the Eulogy at a funeral”.

10 years ago, you would not of caught me ‘dead’ up on stage or in front of a small audience speaking in public.

But over the last few years, through training, education, practice and getting out of my comfort zone, I have come to love and enjoy speaking, because I know the value it can bring to other people.

Overcoming my fear and sharing my story of depression to transformation has helped me to grow as a person too, whilst impacting others.

We all have the opportunity to make a difference, even if we don’t like public speaking. Sharing our skills and knowledge are the 1st steps.
What is it that you do that impacts others?


Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking

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