How Do You Retain Great Staff?

Keys to creating a healthy working environment

As a small business owner do you ever stay awake at night, wondering whether a great employee is happy in their role with you? Will they leave tomorrow? Are they looking at other opportunities? Most unhappy employees won’t tell you they are, they will probably just give you a reason they have made up and exit giving you 2 weeks’ notice (if you’re lucky) and then you are left high and dry.

Creating a healthy working environment is necessary for employees to be happy and stay long term. This always starts with having strong and effective leadership. Workplace culture starts from the top down, So employees see: The way YOU talk and The way YOU behave, is role-modelling to them how they should behave and they should talk.

Creating a healthy working environment takes time and effort, but the rewards are happy staff who want to stay with you long term. Below are my TOP 5 TIPS on creating a healthy working environment: 

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How Do You Retain Great Staff?
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