Celebrating your wins validates your work


This year I have made more of a concerted effort to write down my goals and plans and have them front and centre during my work day at the office. Using a project planning digital app is all well and good, but I found that it was actually just another thing to remember and just another tab to open on my laptop. It just wasn't working for me. So I reverted to OLD SCHOOL about 6 months ago.

A 90 Day, 13 week A3 printed on paper goal planner in a plastic sleeve sitting on my desk with sticky notes! An guess what, it has actually worked! I have kicked goals! The best part is the "REVIEW" section of this planner, as it helps you celebrate your wins and reflect on things that went wrong or could be improved. I am gifting you this free planner I have developed, in the hope that you too can get more visual and in turn celebrate more wins.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Download Here: http://eepurl.com/gc5o-D

Celebrating your wins validates your work
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