In 2020 it is all too easy to be so busy and run off our feet, with so many different things vying for our attention.

Emails, meetings, social media, kids sport, cooking, cleaning the house, professional development, online courses, live events, zoom calls and functions galore. Not to mention trying to keep ourselves fit, healthy and eating, sleeping and moving well so we can perform at our optimum.

Sometimes we can neglect our closest and most important relationships, by not giving those people (spouse, children, family, friends) the love and time with us that they deserve, because we ‘forget’ or are too busy.

Many business owners I mentor and meet, who are in a growth stage of their business, tell me they are too busy for things like working ON their business, training their staff, implementing process and procedures, reviewing their costs and budgets and creating future strategic plans to ensure their business continues to be viable and grows without them becoming a slave to it.

These activities, although not immediately income producing, have long term benefits that will deliver time and financial freedom to the business owner that cannot be underestimated.

Being busy for busy’s sake can in some instances be time wasting, when we do not start with the end in mind (as the late Stephen Covey would say). Just being busy can mean you are not productive as you may be just chasing your tail and going around in circles putting out all the fires of day to day operations.

Let’s be more intentional and mindful of how we are spending our time. Lets take a couple of hours off and go home early sometimes to see our spouse, go out to dinner, play with our children, or go to the beach, or read a good book or have some YOU time like a bath or a massage. This is not time wasting, but I like to think of it as TIME INVESTING. Investing in your future and giving yourself a ‘break’ when life and business seem to get on top of you.

REST is a weapon in our physical and emotional armoury, to safeguard us against overwhelm, anxiety and burnout. To refuel our bodies.

Busy should not be worn as a badge of honour because we feel like that is what we should answer when people ask how we are! These days I am comfortable to answer that I have in fact not been too busy for a week here and there, and that I have spent that time working ON myself and ON my business. Of course, there are certainly times when there is a lot on and commitments are high, but BALANCE is what is needed here.

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