How Business Planning Improves your bottom line

Business Planning can seem boring and unproductive to the most dedicated business owner. But what I have found is when I start working with my clients on their big dreams and goals that planning ahead creates a framework and structure to help them get done all the stuff they need, because they now have clarity around the direction they want to take. The accountability of our regular meetings certainly helps keep them on track too 🙂
My Business Planning Success Methodology goes like this:
• Review of urgent issues
• Problem identification
• Potential solutions
• Selection of most appropriate solution
• Action and implementation to resolve the issues.

Business Planning also incorporates Financial Forecasting and budgeting, which is extremely important when we are looking to scale our business and grow it into something that is less reliant on the owner and more on the team and systems in operates in. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in business will help you to focus your time and resources on the most important things and give you the best Return on Investment for your money.
What sort of organised planning and accountability do you have in place to ensure growth in your organisation?

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How Business Planning Improves your bottom line
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